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Industrial Coils, including AC/DC and Rotor Coils

For the strongest and longest lasting electric motor coils in the Midwest, count on Industrial Coil, Inc. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a leading supplier of industrial coils, we have several different products, including AC/DC and rotor coils for sale.


We work closely with suppliers in order to get you the very best AC/DC coils. That's why we are able to stand behind our AC/DC coils 100%. In fact, we'll stand behind all of our products with a full one year guarantee.

Armature Coils

Armature coils are essential for any electric motor rewind business. Here at Industrial Coil, Inc. we carry the highest quality electric motor rewind armature coils to use for your motors and generators.

DC Fields

Make sure you have the correct DC field coils for your project with help from our company. We have several DC field coils to fulfill any job.


We know that armature reaction is an essential function of electronic machinery. Interpoles act to counter-balance the variations in an armature reaction. Count on us to have the interpole you need for the job.

Pole Pieces

Electric motors power devices we use every day. That is why it is important to have all of the parts you need should a motor break down. Here at Industrial Coil, Inc., we have the knowledge and pole pieces you need keep your motors running properly.

Rotor Coils and Clips for Rotor Coils

Since 1982, we have provided the highest quality rotor coils and clips for rotor coils. We use only the best materials, and our rotor coils can be tailored to fit your specifications.


We take great pride in how we pack and ship our products. No matter if you need your coils shipped by air, truck, or hot shot, we always pack our products in a special heavy weight box to survive the most brutal shipping agents.

Contact us to take advantage of our fast turnaround time for all of our high quality projects.